Faye and Matt didn’t let 60 miles get in the way of true love. They tell us their story..

“We first saw each other at a drum and bass rave in Brixton back in 2007, we didn’t speak but Matt was performing on stage and spotted Faye in the crowd, we noticed each other and exchanged a few glances but didn’t get a chance to talk. Faye remembers telling a friend the ‘red hat guy’ was good looking.

Then a few months later, on Christmas day 2007 Faye had a message from Matt on what used to be ‘My Space’ he recognised her through mutual friends, and so we started chatting online and got on so well. Matt lived 60 miles away from Faye so we used to talk every night on MSN and on the phone and arranged to meet properly in the weeks that followed. On our first proper meeting Matt got the train up from Kent to Hertfordshire and we enjoyed a few tequilas and a cheeky kiss. We saw each other every weekend ever since. Eventually after 6 months, Faye moved to Kent to live with Matt so that we could be together all the time.

Exactly 5 years on from that first message on Christmas Day 2007, Matt proposed to Faye on Christmas morning in front of her parents. He hid the ring in pile of fake presents (shoe boxes wrapped up!) all piled up, and had hidden the ring in the very last box. The nerves had got to Matt and with Faye’s Mum and Dad watching the confusing events unfold he managed to get the words… “That’s an engagement ring, if you wanna?” out.

We had seen 11 venues already and The Orangery was our last viewing, and it’s true what they say the best was definitely saved till last! We were blown away by this hidden gem’s beauty and as soon as we entered the gate to the grounds, we exchanged a look and both knew that this, was the one.”

Thank you Faye and Matt for sharing your lovely story with us, we hope that your wedding plans are going well and we are looking forward to sharing your big day with you in just a couple of weeks time!

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