As Katie and Harrison’s big day is fast approaching, they share with us a little bit about how they met and their story so far ……

“Harrison and I are pretty much childhood sweethearts. We met through school friends when I was 14, he was 15. After a few years of being friends, our feelings grew and we started going out with each other when I was 16.

Harrison had always dreamed of being in the armed forces and joined the Navy when he was 18. This was a tough time for us, as we were young and had only been together for a couple of years. During Harrison’s basic training, we spent weeks apart at a time. It finally came round to his passing out parade (officially completing his Phase One training), and that was the special day! At the end of the parade, they all threw their hats in the air. In the midst of all of this commotion, I turned round to find a young man who said ‘you’re Hoods girlfriend?’. I nodded and he led me away. Once we had pushed our way through the crowd, Harrison appeared down on one knee with all the other boys stood to attention behind him. It was then that I realized he was proposing to me. After that day, he got to come home for a couple of weeks, then was off to Portsmouth for Phase 2. After a few months, due to personal circumstances, Harrison decided to leave the Navy.

Harrison proposed to me on June 4th 2010. We had decided around a year later that the Orangery was where we wanted to get married. Unfortunately, my Dad fell very sick and circumstances meant we were unable to arrange a wedding at that time. Now, my Dad is still extremely unwell, but we feel that this is the best time for us to wed as we don’t know how much time we have with Dad and also…5 years is a long time to wait!! Even after all that time, I knew the Orangery would be where we would have our special day.

The Orangery is everything I dreamed of as a young girl. The grounds are beautiful, especially when in full bloom! One thing that was truly important to us when making our decision as well, is the service of the staff at the venue. I cannot compliment you all enough. Nothing is too much, you’re kindness and helpfulness is completely genuine. Although Harrison has called me a Bridezilla (much to my disgust!), I honestly think I would have been far worse if it wasn’t for all your hard work and efforts at the Orangery. You made things easier and I felt less stressed, certainly after our meeting with Julie.

So, after being together for 8 years, we are finally getting married and I am so excited! “

We are all looking forward to your big day too! Thank you Katie and Harrison, what a beautiful story from a lovely couple. Only a few days to go now!

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