When it comes to managing your wedding budget, it pays to be organised. Costs can quickly escalate, causing many a sleepless night for brides and grooms to be. But here at The Orangery, we believe that organising your big day should be an enjoyable experience, with stress levels kept to an absolute minimum. If you have a plan and a budget in place before you start spending, then you can prevent yourself from feeling the financial strain.

We’ve put together some helpful budgeting tips to help you keep track of your spending, and make sure your day is as magical as you always envisioned it to be.

Budget Breakdown

Rather than thinking of your budget as one large sum of money, it is much more helpful to break it down in to individual smaller budgets for each thing, and prioritise these by importance. That way you will be able to quickly tell if you have gone over budget on something, and where you might be able to make that overspend up somewhere else. If you don’t do this then you will probably find that as the big day approaches, you will find yourself cutting out the finishing touches, that are likely to be the things that make the day personal to you. It will also do wonders for your stress levels as you will feel in constant control.


We know how difficult saving for a wedding can be, but if you can, then keep a small portion of your budget unallocated as a kind of safety buffer. If something costs more than you anticipated, or those relatives who live overseas suddenly decide they came come two weeks before the big day, then you have a safety net to help with the unexpected costs.

Keep Track

Just as important as setting the budget, is keeping track of your spending. A simple Excel document is all you need to do this effectively. Just make sure you don’t find yourself anxiously rifling through credit card statements to see how much you’ve spent.

Avoid peak season

One of the simplest ways to organise a beautiful wedding on a smaller budget is to avoid peak summer season. Your budget will stretch much further as suppliers will be more open to negotiation, and like The Orangery, most venues will offer reduced rates for the off-season and you will be surprised by what little difference this makes to the overall experience on the day. In fact, we believe that some of the most enchanting and picturesque weddings we have seen have been in the winter. The rooms are decorated with romantic fairy lights, and our grounds become a stunning winter wonderland which make the wedding photos particularly magical.

Payment plans

Take advantage of payment plans wherever possible. This will enable you to avoid large upfront costs by staggering the payments. Of course, it’s very important to make sure you know when instalments are due to avoid any nasty surprises.

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