Whilst the weather outside is getting a bit chilly, there’s certainly no signs of cooling when it comes to romance in Kent. Whether you pop the question under the mistletoe at Christmas, at the chime of midnight New Year’s eve or on cupid’s favourite – Valentine’s day itself, it will certainly be the start of a very special journey for both of you.

It’s exciting! There are so many people to tell, choices to make, plans to set, budgets to consider and that’s just the start. It can be a very stressful time but it doesn’t have to be.

So how can you avoid the unnecessary stress of planning a wedding? Here are our top tips on how to make the journey from proposal to “I do” a wonderful experience.

Spread the word

Whether you are a shout it from the roof tops type of person or one who just likes to casually drop things into conversation, you will want to tell people about your exciting news. There are lots of creative ways to announce your engagement, you might like to say it with a selfie or pose on a photoshoot with the ring taking the limelight. You might like to involve your children, family members or pets to reveal the big news. However you do it, take a moment or two to make sure you have told your nearest and dearest first. Your brother for example might be a bit disappointed if he finds out via a friend on facebook!

There’s no rush

Without a doubt getting engaged is an exciting time and making your wedding choices should be fun but there’s no rush, take a breather. Take your time to talk about what you want, what things are important to you and time scales too. These ideas will almost certainly change or develop but it’s a good start. Once you start to commit with deposits, it’s very difficult to change your mind. Start with considering a range of dates and take it from there.


A budget is essential, it will keep you on track, focussed and remove a whole load of stress too. Break down your budget by prioritising what you consider to be the most important elements. If possible build in a contingency too, this will help with those unexpected costs or little extras that you haven’t yet considered. There are lots of ways that you can save money and still get your dream wedding. Keep an open mind, be flexible and ask your venue to give you advice. Together you will come up with the perfect solutions.

Think about a venue

There are so many to choose from! Do some online research first, read some magazines and immerse yourself in a wedding blog or two. Make a list of the ones that you would like to visit, websites are great but there’s nothing quite like seeing it in the flesh. Get in touch and make an appointment. A good venue will always welcome the opportunity to show you around and answer any questions that you might have – whether you book there or not! Have a list ready to take with you on the day, no question is too big or too small. It’s your showround.

Live life

Don’t let your wedding plans take over your life. It’s so easy to become obsessed and even easier to be overwhelmed by every single detail. Keep a check on reality and remember what’s important. Keep talking and keep it real.

It’s your choice

Everyone will have advice and tales of experience to offer you which is a good thing. Learn from their mistakes and successes, save time by listening to what people have already researched, get a feel for what you might or might not like but remember it’s your wedding. These are your plans and your choices so what matters is that you are both on board with the decisions that you make and that you enjoy making them too.

If you would like to chat about your wedding plans, our team would love to meet you. We can discuss the big picture, the finer details and everything in between. Get in touch and let us show you what the Orangery has to offer and help make your plans as stress-free as possible.

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