There are a lot of traditions at weddings, like not being able to see the bride before the wedding, wearing a veil, and the bride standing to the left of her groom at the altar. Throwing the bouquet is one of the frivolous ones that has gone from serious to merely jovial to now possibly outdated as time has gone on. The bride flinging the bouquet over her head to all the single ladies – bridesmaids— and guests alike—is a sign of good fortune…but only for the one who catches it!

On 19th July Amie and Tony decided to include this tradition at their wedding here at the Orangery. After a beautiful ceremony in the Gazebo, Amie threw her gorgeous bouquet which was caught by one of her very good friends who happens to be single!

How did the tradition start?

Hundreds of years ago, it was thought to be very good luck to touch the bride. This often caused discomfort and invasion of privacy to the bride, since guests would typically stand around her in an attempt to rip the gown off! (Uh, no thanks!) In order to deter guests, the bride began tossing their bouquets into the crowds to distract people, then making a break for it with her husband to the bridal chamber. The groom would open the door and toss out the garter once the couple was inside.

People just wanted pieces of the bride’s accessories because she was married. So guests were naturally thrilled to grab the flowers, since they, too, were thought to bring romantic luck for the future.

Over the years, this act of distraction has turned into a tradition meant for the bride to pass on her good fortune to one single lady. Whoever catches the bouquet at a wedding is thought to be the next lady in line to wed. Unlike medieval times, however, today the bride doesn’t scamper away, but relishes the moment for her ability to unknowingly choose who will follow in her footsteps next, while the guests now respect the beauty of the bride and her gown, as opposed to ripping it off of her.

While obtaining the bouquet is only meant to bring good luck to women, the garter offers the same tradition for the men. And some forward-thinking brides are including men in the bouquet toss or foregoing it altogether.

Weddings at the Orangery

Here at the Orangery we have seen all sorts of traditions from the old classics to the more modern versions. We offer lots of choices and work with couples to make sure that any traditions which are important to them are included within their special day. We can advise on the timings of these so that everything runs smoothly, make sure that you are in the best place at the time to capture that perfect photograph and most importantly we can keep a secret! However you envisage your day whether it’s full of traditions or you have none at all, we are here to make sure it’s every detail is just perfect.

If you would like to discuss your wedding plans, we would love to hear from you, call 01622 230065 or email [email protected]

Amie and Tony

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