So it’s a brand new year and we’ve gone into it with a bang! We are all ever the optimists and the general consensus across the nation is that we aren’t as worried about the daunting prospects of our government leading us into Brexit as we perhaps should be. But that’s great! We can focus on ourselves and all of the loved ones around us. I saw a lot of engagements over Christmas and New Year, people promising themselves to each other and it bodes well with our outlook of the brand New Year. The twenties is the year to be married!

Let’s not forget, ladies, it’s a leap year! It’s time to break the mould, act boldly and present your significant other with a gorgeous ring. A type of ring that symbolises eternity, for it has no beginning and no end; a promise to marry.

In this day and age, marriage is not the only option. On New Year’s Eve, a brand new law was passed and mixed gender couples can now indulge themselves into a civil partnership. You can have most of the benefits of a traditional marriage without the patriarchal history attached; it’s all about the choice.

By Kate Lowe – Event Manager

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