We all know and love the day where we are doused head to toe in green, showing off our shamrocks and drinking endless pints of stout. (Even if we don’t like the stuff!)

Before spring creeps in, we celebrate the most famous Irish patron saint, St Patrick. He ministered Christianity in Ireland during the fifth century and supposedly used the iconic lucky shamrock we see today to explain the Holy Trinity.
Green is definitely the colour of choice this time of year, from sashes to centrepieces; our couples always show that subtle patriotic side.

Mothers, who’d have them?! For me personally, my mother is the strongest woman I know and I’m sure a lot of you would say the same for yours and for many different reasons! But let’s not be tied down; it could be our Grandmothers or even our female friends that are exceptional human beings too. It’s for those many reasons why we should shower all our beloved mother figures with extra love this Mothers Day… Because, well, why not!

By Kate Lowe – Event Manager

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