Hello Lisa,
We all had an amazing day on the 29th – thank you so much.
Even the one thing that you had no influence over – the weather – was just perfect and really showed off the beauty of the venue.
Your meticulous planning and preparation and the way you and Kym organised things on the day was outstanding. Your persistent gentle ‘nudging’ to get us ready for the big day was essential and so effective.
The way that you so calmly dealt with a very tearful Emily when I dropped her off was amazing. When I saw her again a little later she was radiant – and was all smiles for the rest of the day.
Your suppliers were excellent. The quality of the food prepared by Azra was second to none – I have never had food of that quality at a wedding before and the staff and service were brilliant. I have had no end of compliments on the catering.
The photographer was calm, professional and good humoured and I can’t wait to see the photos.
The disco was perfect – I have never known a dance floor so full from start to finish and remember the photo-booth that you and I fretted over? – there was a queue for it for the entire three hours it was open!
Don and the team from Allbars were efficient, attentive and friendly.
As you know, we had our own ‘videographer’ record the day for us. If you look closely you will see yourself in it!
The whole day was just perfect and I can’t thank you enough for the hard work, care and attention to detail that you put in on our behalf.
With our thanks and best wishes

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